Terms of Service


Location Data

The location data in this app has been derived from public information provided annually by Fish and Game as well as other sources such as DOC and LAWA. This is an independant guide and whilst we will take every effort to ensure our data is accurate we will not be held accountable for inaccuracies or out of date location data.

Angler Safety

The personal safety of app users is their own responsibility and not that of NiceFish or Bradley Rogerson Limited when using the app at any time. This includes while exploring New Zealand's fishing locations. Directions provided from this app are generated dynamically by Apple Maps and are only meant as a suggestion and do not guarantee accurate access to locations.

Fishing License

Fish and Game and DOC do an amazing job so please show your support for them and ensure that you have a valid fishing license before fishing.

Catch & Release

NiceFish and Bradley Rogerson Limited strongly endorse fishing sustainably and catch and release fishing.